Board Meeting

April 22, 2020

12 noon – VIDEO CONFERENCE       

California Welcome Center / Visitors Center  (closed for duration) 

9 Fourth Street, Historic Railroad Square,  Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401                

Present: Florine Ellingson, Marianne Neufeld, Larry Silver, Curt Nichols, Jim McCalligan, Hardeep Gil,  Noelle Hermann, Rafael Rivero, Theresa Tommasi, Mike Montague, Dee Richardson

Absent: Paul Quarttrocchi, Hugh Futrell (Zoom malfunction)




No comments from the public


No conflicts of interest or abstentions from Board

3. PRESIDENT’S REPORT- Mike Montague

-3.1 Observation-Depot Park closed and that has cut down on transients and loitering

-3.2 Brad Calkins of Visit Santa Rosa proposed a Porta Potty adjacent to the Depot which historically has been not recommended by the Association Board because it serves more as a magnet than a solution. Other sites were proposed by those present for under the freeway where there are large encampments. 

-3.3 Dee reported on the successful meeting of Association members from 2019 who were required by the existing by-laws to vote to accept the new by-laws changing from a membership organization to a property owner assessment district and community benefit district, including a vote on the Interim Board. Out of 33 members of the 2019 Association, 29 ballots were returned in support of the new by-laws and Board with the rest not responding, and no dissenting votes.

-3.4 Mike reported the balance in the Mechanics Bank account which he proposed to use for marketing going forward and to tie us over until we receive the assessment funds for this year.The balance in the account is $29,753.00.  Since the Association paid the last payments to Marco, the consultant, we will be receiving partial reimbursement from the City.

-3.5 Report on Security proposal: In Hugh absence, Mike reviewed the proposal for nighttime only patrolling X 8/evening. Because of the urgency of the situation in Railroad Square right now with 3 recent night time break-ins and large encampments under the freeway, Hugh will be asked to continue pursuing the proposal, refine and look into adding daytime, a suggestion from many present,  but was not included in this initial month-to-month bid. Those present were in support of pursuing the security service. Vote unanimous.


-4.1 Authorization for the Executive Committee to sign contracts was not directly addressed due to Hugh’s absence. (Frankly, we just jumped over it inadvertently)

-4.2 Approval of Hugh Futrell as interim Treasurer for 2020 and retain VP position as well. Unanimous approval by the 11 board members present.


-5.1 Conversations continued on the untenable situation of the public health crisis under the freeway.

-5.2 Curt announced that apparently there will be no bail fees for non-violent crimes so that those arrested will be booked, but released, which is all the more reason to proceed quickly on security program.

-5.3 Rafael Rivero announced that the assessment funding check for $149,790.97 was in the mail. He also asked that the Board notify him when a contract is signed for security so that a meeting can be arranged with Sgt Wolf, downtown police officer. He will also look into any updates on the homeless situation and Porta Potties.


-6.1 Meeting was adjourned at 12:45

Dee Richardson, Interim Secretary