RRSQ Association Board Meeting                                                                                    

Thursday, July 15, 2021    

8:30 AM at the Courtyard Marriott NOTE NEW LOCATION & TIME

COVID requirements: Public comments welcome to attend per ZOOM link below

Present: Mike Montague, Hugh Futrell, Curt Nichols, Larry Silver, Paul Quatrocci, Kris Wilson

Per Zoom: Marianne Neufeld, Hardeep Gil, Noelle Hermann, Dee Richardson, Rafael Rivero

Guests Per Zoom: Andy Gustafson, Geoffrey Smith, Brad Calkins

Absent: Florine Ellingson, Theresa Tomassi


1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: Mike Montague called the meeting to order at 8:35am

2. PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS (limited to 2 minutes each. Comments from the public per ZOOM. There were no public comments

3. GUEST SPEAKER: Andy Gustafson, City of Santa Rosa Planning Department: General Plan Update: Andy presented the process of updating the general plan including community survey outreach for neighborhood participation and input. There are openings on the Community Advisory Committee which he encouraged anyone interested to apply for. A presentation with key issues from the community is being made to the planning commission on July 20. We are encouraged to reach out to the City at: srforward@srcity.org with comments, or to track the project. Hugh Futrell suggests sending a written recommendation from the RRSQ Association with a policy statement to the City as our district deals with the “nuts and bolts” of city government. There was discussion of the importance of RRSQ being included in decision making and a focus as a connection to SR History, the Visitor’s Center and SMART infrastructure.


3.1 Approval of June16, 2021 Board Minutes. Curt Nichols recommended an amendment to the minutes to delete James Castro’s name for follow up and instead, state:  follow up with Jen Santos, City staff for any potential fund assistance with the tree replacement and re-visit what electrical work needs to be done. Motion to approve minutes with amendment was made by Paul Quatrocci and was seconded by Jim McCalligan.

5. PRESIDENT’S REPORT- Mike Montague

5.1 District updates – Mike reported that the landscape strip between the freeway and Morgan Street has been cleared. 

5.3 Review Projects to complete this year – discussed in adhoc committee reports.

5. FINANCIAL REPORT: Marianne Neufeld, treasurer: Reviewed financial report.


6.1 Property Assessment Billing update – Rafael Rivero: Q3 & Q4 billings have gone out for 2021-2021. All documents will be transferred to the County on August 1st.  There is still almost $17,000 outstanding from previous year to be collected. A check is pending from the City for recent payments in the amount of $9548. 

6.2 Marketing & Events: Kris reported that the July 18th Music Stroll would be postponed to August 22nd to give more time for marketing and reaching out to musicians. We will be expanding the marketing/events ad hoc committee to discuss event/marketing plans for the remainder of the year. A tour of the Gospel Mission is being hosted on Monday, July 19th at 11am for any interested board members.   Kris is working on the July/August Newsletter to go out to all of our contact lists. Kris also reported on a water conservation program that the City is implementing for restaurants, hotels and business owners and will be providing table signs, window stickers and conservation information.


7.1 Security – Larry Silver/Mike: Larry reported that our security is working well and no changes to coverage are being suggested at this time. Improvements are being seen on the Prince Greenway, although there is still work to be done. Encampments under the freeway continue to be cleared. It was announced that Larry will be moving out of the area so will continue in his role until we find a replacement. A meeting with Sgt. Jonathan Wolf is pending to evaluate the Greenway and quarterly meetings will be planned with the Sgt. to keep a pulse on activity on our streets.

7.2 Wayfinding signs – Noelle Hermann: The project continues to move forward as a pilot project for the City. Rafael Rivero is assisting with next steps and possible funding support from the city.

7.3 Tree Report- Jim McCalligan: Due to budget constraints, the focus will be on trimming the trees on 4th Street. Rafael will follow up with Jason Nutt, SR City Parks & Recreation to keep Depot Park in their cue for tree trimming in the park. Jim will draft letter to address concrete repair and project costs to explore possible sources for additional funding. Meeting pending with Jason Nutt.

7.4 Street Cleaning / Trash receptacles-Paul Quattrocci: Street cleaning is going well. Paul will be meeting with Bright Landscaping to review their service. Paul also continues to reach out to the City to address issues with moving & repairing trash receptacles. Volunteers were organized to start painting Bollards with another painting date pending with volunteers from the SRJC Rotary group. Painting of light poles is being discussed with input from the City.  Paul’s efforts in coordinating this project were acknowledged.

7.5 Project Review Committee – Curt Nichols: The Project committee met to set priorities and identify 3 key projects we hope to accomplish this year:

1. Tree trimming on 4th Street. Florine Ellingson has contracted to have trees trimmed on Chevy’s property and we’ll use this as a pilot for our approach to the trees on 4th Street.

2. Wayfinding: this project is close to being implemented as noted above.

3. Beautification: Discussion to replace the existing wine barrels with new uniform planters and possibly benches to upgrade the look along our streets.

7.6 Lighting- Hardeep Gill/Rafael Rivero: No report at this time.


Update on SR City Water Conservation program

Review street banners to assess those needing adjusting or replacing.

9. ADJOURNMENT: President Mike adjourned the meeting at 10:30am