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Put the Square in Railroad Square

Here you see a proposed design for a plaza in Railroad Square. Currently this area is occupied by a small park (Depot park) and a parking lot. This design encloses the entire area, creating a public open space for events and community. We replace the lost parking spaces inside the lot by adding them back on the outside of the square. With the ground surface being the same level across 4th and 5th streets and into the square itself, this design is reminiscent of a European plaza which allows for easy event set up and a cohesive feel for this historic neighborhood. There is wide support for this project, and we hope to have it approved into the city plan that is underway this year.



Smart Train Brings Tourism to RRSQ

Smart Train Brings Tourism to RRSQ

Holiday Carriage Rides In Santa Rosa's Railroad Square

Holiday Carriage Rides In Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square

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