Owner Brauley Kincaid and her team will celebrate 18 years in RRSQ this March and the Barbershop will celebrate 13 years in July. 

“Our space is open and airy with an industrial feel, tons of natural light, plants sprinkled around and a friendly atmosphere. 

As an established salon + barbershop we have built a community with our clients, each other and RRSQ, and we are proud to call it home. 

We are an inclusive and safe place for all and believe in diversity and acceptance. Collectively we strive to accommodate all people to the best of our abilities and provide a great experience. 

We love seeing our regular clients and happily welcome new clients. We do our best to accommodate walk-ins on a daily basis. “

Daredevils & Queens is eco-friendly with an intensive recycling program for salon waste as well as recyclable packaging, biodegradable product ingredients, and offering products with minimal packaging and sustainability in mind.