Papillon Floral was founded by owner Olivia Rivas in 2012. The name Papillon is French for butterfly – which we see as the perfect symbol of what we do. The transformation of a butterfly is slow, patient, natural, and intentional and every part of the process is beautiful.

We feature seasonal designer’s choice options for flower delivery, ensuring that we’re able to support our local flower farmers with our flower selection while also giving each customer a uniquely stunning piece of local, seasonal goodness. 

That concept has carried over to the products we carry at Papillon. In addition to sustainable and good for the planet products, we prioritize sourcing from local, bipoc-owned, queer & trans-owned, and women-owned small businesses. We love supporting our makers, and we truly believe in the work they do and the quality of their products. 

We hope to see you in our new shop soon for plants, gifts, or bouquets!