Community Benefit District   

RRSQ Association Board Meeting                                                                                    

March 18, 2021  RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2021   


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dee Richardson, Mike Montague, Hugh Futrell, Curt Nichols, Paul Quattrocci, Florine Ellingson, Noelle Hermann, Larry Silver, Rafael Rivero, Jim McCalligan

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Theresa Tommasi, Marianne Neufeld, Hardeep Gill

GUESTS: Ann Conger, Nancy Adams, Geoffrey Smith,Miriam Agard Seden, Jeff Blackman, Martin Hamilton, Mary Gwen Neisrigh


1. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: President Mike Montague called the meeting to order at 8:40am. 

2. PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS (limited to 2 minutes each. Comments from the public will be allowed on all agenda items at the time each item is addressed.)Martin Hamilton, owner of Arlene Francis Center for 15 years, commented that the center which has been operating as a non-profit/tax exempt organization has experienced graffiti issues on his building, financial difficulties and expressed his desire to maintain the cultural arts center as a place for theater, arts and small gatherings. Requested to be on next month’s Executive Committee meeting agenda to discuss options and proposals.


3.1 Approval of February 18, 2021 Board Minutes. Move was made by Hugh Futrell and minutes were approved.


4.1 Nancy Adams, City of Santa Rosa, Shared Mobility Device Program – Presented Marin-Sonoma Bike Share pilot program being launched late this year. Will work with the RRSQ Association to identify appropriate locations of bike stations.

5. PRESIDENT’S REPORT- Mike Montague

5.1 Security: Addressed encampment situation under 5th &6th underpasses. The key objective  is to work with the SRPD team and City to prevent encampments from starting. Action is limited due to COVID restrictions and regulations. County is working on getting Covid Testing completed so camps can be relocated. Discussion included  the economic impact and general perception of RRSQ. Guest Jeff Blackman, AC Hotel shared that they are experiencing losses and cancellations with increased guest dissatisfaction levels and that the company’s long term investment is precarious. Hugh voiced the need for concerted efforts to create a program with policy agreements with the city and SRPD that links the impact on city economics. There was further discussion for the Executive committee to work through a  process to create a plan & budget to bring to the RRSQ board and key organizations to present to  the City Council. Suggestion was made to post NO CAMPING sign at underpasses. Rafael will provide a contact/e-mail to use to report and request action for any situation that occurs.

5.2 Prince Greenway Rehabilitation: Encampment and littering has been cleaned and lighting is in the works for the Greenway. Discussed issues with graffiti on the John Stewart property as removing the paint from the brick is on hold by the property owners. 

6. FINANCIAL REPORT: Hugh Futrell, treasurer: Reviewed budget/balance sheet and reported the 2022 budget will reflect a tax assessment increase on the AC Hotel.


7.1 Property Assessment Billing update – Rafael Rivero: Presented updated property tax assessment billing cycle from the City. Following July billing (Q3&Q4 2021), billing will transfer to County Assessor for FY 21-22 and beyond. Unpaid fees to be addressed with follow up letters and outreach.

7.2 Newsletter:March newsletter featured Hot Couture and Green Fish Trading Co and also provided a link to the Right to Enter Private Property Authorization Form for property owners to complete and submit.

7.3 Radio Ad Merchant campaign: RRSQ Association provided campaigns focusing on both our Merchant and Restaurants. A coop ad opportunity is in process with the goal of 6 merchants participating in a monthly campaign starting in April running through October.

7.4 Farmer’s Market: Meetings pending with county wide Market Managers and individual market managers to learn logistics and possible next steps to a RRSQ Farmers Market.


8.1 Security – Larry Silver/Mike: will be conducting a walking tour with Allied Security to identify areas of interest.  The  budget will need to be adjusted to accommodate the cost of  the addition of 8 hours – 5 nights a week . The Executive committee  will review and present suggestions for modifications to the budget.

8.2 Wayfinding signs – Noelle Hermann provided a prototype sign; a detailed presentation of wayfinding signage will be included in the 4/15/21 Board meeting.

8.3 Tree Report- Jim McCalligan:Review of Bright View proposal for removal and replacement of trees on 5th Street including trimming & pruning on 4th Street. Waiting for the bid for concrete work which could be significant. Proposal is to include addition of trees in blank spots on both streets to create a better flow. Project will be done in phases starting with trimming & pruning on 4th Street this Fall or before. Phase 2 would focus on removing and replacing trees on 5th Street in the Fall of 22. 

8.4 Street Cleaning / Trash receptacles-Paul Quattrochhi: Maintenance is now being done every Friday morning. The focus has been on weed abatement and cleaning at  the Arlene Frances Center. Paul is working on a volunteer program to assist in painting the bollards on our street corners and under the freeway. The City will provide materials.

8.5 Project Review Committee – Curt Nichols: No report

8.6 Lighting- Hardeep Gill: No report. Rafael Rivero will be in contact with Hardeep to discuss lighting in Depot Park and on the RRSQ streets.

8.7 Marketing – Theresa Tommasi. Kris reported that we’ve received a proposal for a professional photographer to be hired for photos we can use in marketing our district.  There was concern expressed about the $2000 bid as being too high. Additional proposals are pending. 


Wayfinding presentation

10. ADJOURNMENT : Meeting was adjourned at 10:55.

ACTION ITEMS: Adjust meeting time to accommodate agenda: NOTE NEW START TIME.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 15, 2021 – 8:30 AM per  ZOOM