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The Historic Railroad Square Association is committed to preserving and promoting the Railroad Square Neighborhood. We are a non profit organization that began in 1977. Our mission is to: “Save, restore and promote the historic Railroad Square area in Santa Rosa, in the best interest of the entire community”.

Our regular ongoing projects include: Holding and sponsoring special events like the free holiday carriage rides, organizing and sponsoring various co-op print & radio advertising campaigns for the business members of the Association, work with the City of Santa Rosa and SMART to keep the public informed of decisions that affect our neighborhood, beautification projects such as clean up days & neighborhood lighting, holding 4 member meeting per year to keep members and neighbors apprised of our work and new city information such as parking, special events, etc… In past years we have completed larger projects like the water tower rehab, the purchase of Charles Schulz “Peanuts on Parade” statues, neighborhood banner installation, etc.

We work alongside the California Welcome Center, which is situated in the old train depot, right in the heart of Railroad Square.

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The 2019 board members:

President: Mike Montague, Teevax
Vice President: Marta Koehne, Hot Couture
Secretary: Justine Malone, Cast Away Yarn Shop
Treasurer: Marisa Rowley, Jack & Tonys
Trustee Year 2: Jodie Lau, Fab Findz
Trustee Year 1: Andy Mayhew, Bat Cave Comics & Toys
Trustee Year 1: Vanessa Van Cleave, TIV Branding

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